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Unorthodox emcee, photographer, cinematographer, graphic artist and fashion designer. Being influenced by his father who was a DJ and his mother who was a singer Ron began writing lyrics at the age of 6. After studying hip hop for close to a decade he began recording from a humble home studio setup and began releasing music.


Out of necessity he learned how to produce beats and released a couple albums. These releases helped create a cult following and he began performing at clubs in Hollywood, Ca.

He also opened up for Sugafree alongside his Mafia ENT label mates.

Eventually the hip hop scene in Los Angeles became oversaturated and Ron began looking for a change. He discovered Southern California had a battle rap scene and made his debut at The Riot Network in 2015. He immediately submerged himself into the battle rap community and became the president of The Riot Network's Los Angeles chapter.


Ron has battled the infamous Daylyt from Watts, CA and the legendary Bar God Danny Myers from South Central, CA. Even with these accomplishments under his belt he still exhibits a hunger that you typically only see in newcomers. 


Ron is comfortable both in front of the camera and behind it. In addition to being an emcee he is a photographer, cinematographer and graphic artist. He is also passionate about fashion and created Desiiigner Apparel in 2018. The line was developed for those who recognize their duality. The logo is an elephant with 3 eyes to represent being enlightened but the eyes are low and he is clearly stoned. The idea behind the imagery is that you can toke and still be woke.


When he isn't preparing for a battle or creating new pieces for his apparel line, Ron enjoys spending time with his children and loved ones. He is very family oriented and is often heard saying the phrase F.O.E (Family Over Everything)

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